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Luvvies are ridiculous­ly over the top


❑ Why are actors/theatre people so over the top? I just had to switch off The Baftas. Not just at the Baftas, but every film director & producer & young actor is ALWAYS described by these types as being “amazing” “extraordin­ary” “fantastic” & other false superlativ­es, never poor, average or could be good in a few years. Host at The Baftas David Tennant described one guy he was introducin­g as being “ridiculous­ly talented”. On walked some guy I had never seen nor heard of before. I don’t believe anything these luvvie types say. Steve, London

❑ After seeing the Baftas, can i nominate Michael J Fox for an honoury knighthood. There’s someone you can’t fault. Phil.

❑ Scientists are baffled as to why Victorian diseases are back. could it be that our streets and drains are no longer cleaned? our drinking water is polluted and raw sewage is being pumped into our rivers and seas you don’t need to be a scientist to work it out, it also proves the vaccines meant to eradicate these diseases have not worked. James Mcguinn Stockport

❑ Yes, mobile phones should be banned in schools, but no, it won’t work. Most classroom mobile use is not for talking but for the various social, or actually unsocial media and that is readily available on computer devices that are usually actually needed. Social media should be banned at home, at least until homework is done but that option has long been unsupporte­d by parents. The reality in schools must be improved with teachers, capable teachers in all classrooms on an ongoing basis and a more industriou­s attitude from students but that approach might be a distant memory from my own youth. Dennis Fitzgerald

❑ Instead of banning mobile phones in school, the government should be focusing on more important issues like getting more people into teaching and improving facilities for pupils. Once again, they have got their priorities wrong. Navdeep Rehill

❑ the way to deal with Israel’s leaders n generals n putin is to issue an internatio­nal arrest warrant 4 their war crimes. Also citizens arrest on them. alf

❑ Sir Keir Starmer acts the tough-guy, denouncing Donald Trump over his criticism of those countries not contributi­ng 2% of GDP to NATO membership. Yet Trump is spot-on! These nations cannot expect protection from Russian aggression if they do not cough up. In 2014, only UK, USA and Greece hit this target. Even now, just a third of the 27 EU states have reached this threshold. The largest – Germany, France and Italy, are not on the list. Absolute shame on them! We, the British taxpayer, have forever been a cash-cow for every conflict across the world. Ukraine the latest! Our useless politician­s have to insist that the EU shares the bill. Jim Sokol

❑ The body of Alexei Navalny was bruised when it arrived at a hospital. There seems to be a pattern of Putin’s political opponents and critics dying in suspicious circumstan­ces. Navalny had survived a poisoning a few years ago. Dave Pinfold, Stockport

❑ The sad death of ALEXAI NAVALNY could have hastened the 60billion aid from the US for Ukraine albeit Putin ‘flew in the face’ challenged BIDEN’s threat re any misdemeano­ur befalling him feeling it inevitable anyway. Minor protests receive 7 yrs in prison / teenagers facing 5 yrs. Tough Siberian prisons deter basic humane gestures. The 400 arrested on TV laying flowers you’re seeing sadly SOME led away for 7 years. Harsh viewing! Brian Linford Pontefract

❑ Did you know that the Icelandic alphabet, doesn’t have the letter Z? how do Icelandic people sleep at night? Fran Mcmahon Liverpool

 ?? ?? ■ I don’t miss Question of Sport but I do miss sassy Sam Quek. Motorhead
■ I don’t miss Question of Sport but I do miss sassy Sam Quek. Motorhead

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