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★ THE seventh series of first responders drama 9-1-1 hits Disney+ on Wednesday, starring Angela Bassett.

★ Working in the emergency services is a scary

business as you put your own life on the line to help others.

★ Here, KIM CARR reveals tales of haunted fire stations where the crews were the people calling for help…

Bristol: Formerly the home of Knights Templar, one warrior refused to move on. In 1975 he was spotted for the first time wearing a white tunic with a red cross over his chest. The spectre has been reported to vanish when approached but been seen in the outdoors area as well as heard stomping around inside the building.

New Cross, London: It’s not only the ghosts of humans which sometimes get trapped on this plane. Animals can struggle to cross to the other side too. The crew here believe whinnying and hoof-clattering sounds belong to the spectre of a horse who died in the 1800s after falling into the basement.

Dalkeith, Scotland: A shadowy figure, who liked to bang on the walls, was reported to hang around here after the station was built on the ruins of an 18th-century abbey. Eerie screams were said to belong to the ghost of a monk called Thomas

Howard after the Angels Gateway Spirituali­st Church were called in to help. During a séance he appeared and told how he had been responsibl­e for many deaths and forced the leader of the ceremony to kneel with her hands close to her chest, as he depicted what he put his victims through before moving on peacefully. Edgware, London: Ghostbuste­rs were called in 2007 after a fireman reported feeling someone get into bed with him only to discover under his covers there was nothing there. The ghosts were thought to be former team members who died fighting fires during WW2 and Robert

Libby, who died trying to save a sewer worker wiped out by fumes. Aberdeen: The Old Fire Station, now student accommodat­ion, has a cemetery and beach nearby. It’s said the ghost of a firefighte­r who died while saving a child loiters on the site. One learner reported a silhouette­d figure walking toward him in the shower. Broughton, Lancs: A ghost known as George has been reported to hang around the engine area mucking about opening and closing lockers.

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk:

Now a bank, spooky unaccounta­ble footsteps were heard in empty areas when this was in use as a fire station.

Chester: The ghost of a bearded fireman wearing a brass helmet who sat on a ladder scared a living one so much he quit the service.

Swindon: Built over a former canal where a woman drowned, fire fighters have reported being watched by a grey shadowy figure while in bed then followed into the toilet.

Market Deeping,

Lincs: In the early 2000s a woman in Victorian dress was photograph­ed. Taken seconds later, the next image was empty.

 ?? ?? ■ HIT SHOW: Angela Bassett and her 9-1-1 co-stars
■ HIT SHOW: Angela Bassett and her 9-1-1 co-stars
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