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Luke-ing forward to being a father



5 SECONDS Of Summer star Luke Hemmings hopes his new solo EP can prepare him for fatherhood.

The recently married guitarist/singer revealed he’s hoping to start a family soon and so wrote project Boy with the goal of maturing some more.

Luke said: “As I get older and thinking about having kids at some point, I’m reflecting on myself at that age, still being that struggling boy deep down inside.

“There can be a tendency, especially for men as they get older, to bottle things up inside and not address them until it’s maybe past the point of no return.”

He added he came a long way when writing the material: “This EP is about uncovering emotions or experience­s from my younger years, getting in touch with that inner boy, that inner child, so to speak, in order to become a fully realised version of myself.”

Next month Luke is set to embark on his biggest ever solo tour, visiting Paris, London, Glasgow and Manchester.

And he admitted the prospect of touring without his 5SOS bandmates is a little daunting.

Luke told Rolling Stone Australia: “I’ve never done a big tour on my own before, but I’m excited to perform the songs live and embrace the experience.

“It’s going to be scary, but it’ll be good.” But he is feeling more establishe­d as a solo artist. He added: “The first time around, we felt like we were really experiment­ing, unsure where the sound would take us or if I’d even do a solo album.

“But with Boy, I had less anxiety because I knew we could nail the sound I was after.”

Listen to the EP now.

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