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Farcical politician­s still go knocking on doors


❑ Absolutely farcical MPs profess admirably on TV ‘they are going to be out knocking on doors’ (literally) pre election. We have TV social media press and a wide variety of other influentia­l high profile promotiona­l alternativ­es / meetings with constituen­ts. When are MPs deluding going to join the 21st Century not stuck in yesteryear. Brian Linford Pontefract

❑ Jimi Peters: Should we pay our Taxes towards a half decent Rail Service or Just keep filling Shareholde­rs Pockets for the stuff they’re dumping on us. DEN

❑ what kind of headline is that in dstar sat 27/4/24?..nat west’s profits SLUMP TO 1.3BILLION for 3 MONTHS.. NFFC 4EVA TETS. An accurate one. Ed

❑ I see the king’s gone back to work, has rishi sunak stopped his benefits? anon

❑ Bedford boy used 2 get the belt from his dad if he was naughty but that is just awful. We were never smacked as kids but my mum only had 2 look at us and that meant behave or no tv for a wk. No need 4 belting thats just losing yr temper. GINNY P

❑ Bed\Boy: spot on mate didnt do us any harm in the 5O’s 2 soft these days with the kids. m{oap}

❑ just read that some civil servants r goin on strike cause they have been told they have to go back into the office to work easy way to solve this is to sack the lot of them and make them get a job where they have to work for a livin. sam saunders walsall

❑ If the office of national statistics cannot get workers back into the office because these people refuse. then a system should be put on laptops to measure how much work at home these people really are doing. and if not doing a full days work only paid for hours done. thats the fair way. Stockton jeff

❑ J. Nair: Illegals putting children at risk of drowning should be either deported on the spot if possible, jailed, or fined from their benefits. And as for arriving with “just the clothes they stand in”, many are better dressed and nourished than our destitute homeless citizens.


❑ J Nair: migrants have nothing but the clothes they stand in? have you seen the illegal migrants coming off the boats all the best jeans trainers jackets and mobile phones... and if they have nothing as you say where do they get the £1000s to pay the trafficker­s etc. jellyhead

❑ the USA has a downed UFO. It’s not flying and is identified. I would say they have an O. DelBoy Suffolk

❑ I was very interested to read in the Star how Baldrick thinks Turnips will save the environmen­t. Turnips might be a hardy plant that are easy to grow but they won’t save the environmen­t if they are fed to livestock (their original use by viscount Charles turnip Townsend) because they will rot down in the animals stomach and make them fart clouds of CH4 into the atmosphere which is far more damaging then the C02 cars make. So therefore they are also dangerous to the environmen­t. Ryan King

Tiverton Devon

❑ mjb: How can you hate the ad with the little girl paying with toys? It’s my favourite ad. I fast forward through the ads but stop and watch this one. It is so cute. HAZ

❑ Sorry mjb, you’ve got it totally wrong, the advert with the little girl buying a bar of chocolate for her mother is heart warming and if you think it’s sending out the wrong signals there’s something wrong with your state of mind. Mad scaff

❑ my next door neighbour told me to try horse manure on my rhubarb! It tasted bloody horrible, i still prefer custard. tony worksop

❑ lack ov humour lately in txters.:-(apart frm FRAN MCMAHON) so wil givu the old clasric. .thers been a earth quake in GRIMBSBY an its created 10 million quids worth ov improvemen­ts.. haha. BOB

 ?? ?? ■ Please can we have a pic of the lovely Gemma Atkinson? Andy in Aston
■ Please can we have a pic of the lovely Gemma Atkinson? Andy in Aston

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