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Glasses hide Si’s view to a fortune


❑ So Simon cowell say’s he wears sunglasses during the auditions on BGT because he suffers from migraines. And there was me thinking it was to hide the ££££ signs in his eyes. LEO F

❑ I think the Courts have taken pity on that nobody Katy Price because after all that surgery she still looks like Daffy Duck.


❑ Obviously Madscaff doesn’t go to Specsavers, Tom Ford looks nothing like Tommy Cooper.

Magpie fan

❑ So, arrogant Eric Tenth Place won’t take questions he doesn’t like, from journos who don’t cow tow and banned them from asking, well easily sorted, let the fool talk to an empty room, we’ll all be happy. Mark

❑ Big big mistake united letting prattcliff­e take over the running of the club and be percentage part owner with the glazers. he will wreck the club even more starting with this cancelling of the meal and transport to wembley for all the united staff. just the free tickets for them all wow how generous he is eh but for a man who knows sod all about football its ludicrous and a total farce. Dave hall staffs

❑ The Crucible & The Championsh­ip All of It should all be in line for a bloody good Shake Up. Hazel Irwin Davis & Parrot have been sending us all to sleep for 20 years or more. I can only imagine the beautiful venues that are waiting for everybody in China, Players/Public/Viewers alike. I’ve been watching Snooker at the Crucible for all that time and I’m sick of it !!! B. Taylor

❑ check the phone box and mum in phone box then it disappears irritating every time I see it. Daz Eccles

 ?? ?? EYE SEE: Music guru Cowell
EYE SEE: Music guru Cowell

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