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World needs clarity not total insanity of Trump

- Dr Steven Dempster

❑ Hannibal lecter and trump, what a pair, both mentally unstable but one is cultured and articulate, is this really the best america has to offer? Where have all the great thinkers gone the men and women of vision, where are the unifying leaders who bring people together and raise them up rather than the divisive clowns who cause rifts and animosity and bring society down, time for vision and clarity not insanity. john challenger

❑ OFCOM have put all TV / broadcaste­r stations on due notice re high levels of impartiali­ty during the election period after seeing Jacob Rees Mogg / Esther Mcvey / Philip Davies feature for one TV station and David Lammy another outlining strict sanctions for any impropriet­y. The MPs can present current affairs shows but not become / act as news readers. It begs the question where do constituen­t needs figure from MPs (96k) still seeing TV shows / extra presentati­onal ‘glitterati.’ Brian Linford, Pontefract

❑ Shadow Culture Secretary Thangam Debbonaire is in talks with broadcasti­ng watchdog Ofcom about toughening impartiali­ty rules for politician­s who host TV and radio shows. Will these rules only apply to centre-right politician­s who host shows on GB News, or will the rules also apply to David Lammy and his show on LBC Radio? Dave Pinfold, Stockport. He stepped down from his show last month because of the upcoming election. Ed

❑ Wait till you’re in your fifties, Mac, with experience & qualificat­ions out of your wazoo and employers are still ignoring you. Sadly, it doesn’t get any easier. RedLeader

❑ ASSISTED DYING. is actually assisted SUICIDE which is what the Isle of Man is voting for. NO DOCTOR should be asked to end someone’s life. Doctors are there to HELP SAVE LIVES NOT TAKE THEM, no one needs die in pain help is there. Angry Els seaham Co Durham

❑ Tories used 2 brag, we’re tough on crime. Prisons overcrowde­d. their solution, let some con’s out 70 days early. Build bigger jails instead. ANGST

❑ I am fed-up hearing how climate change is responsibl­e for animal extinction. We are responsibl­e by tearing up the land to build houses and roads and ripping up the rainforest­s to create cattle farms, leaving the animals with nowhere to go. How many of you would eat meat if you had to kill it yourself. Gary Birmingham

❑ Visit of ex-prince Harry to Britian but not being able to catch up with the King due to calendar conflicts: It is clear that the King wants to get back to work, following the family tradition and young Harry is helping with the Invictus games, a great initiative. However, a quick ten minute jog and an Uber ride and they could catch up for a quick cuppa. 15 minutes of chat about the kids and years of heartache could be avoided. Family is most important part of life, just make the effort. Everyone will be better off for it. Dennis Fitzgerald ❑ The Roman deity’s temple must of been open last week. The Temple belonging to Janus closed during times of peace, must of been on standby in case Charles, and Harry had some father and son time. I do hope they can rekindle their relationsh­ip, as you don’t have to be a Soothsayer to see bridges need to be built, even if it means eating a bit of humble pie. Now there’s an idea for Meghan’s website. Harry John

❑ Hi, Your front page today refers to Hannibal Lecter as ‘psychotic,’ but the character is actually supposed to be psychopath­ic and/or sociopathi­c. By misusing the word psychotic you perpetuate ignorance and fear people feel about mental illness. Psychotic means someone experience­s hallucinat­ions and is detached from reality, whereas psychopath­ic means someone lacks empathy. Two very different terms.

 ?? Terry P ?? ■ How about a picture of Debbie Harry from her days in Blondie. Totally gorgeous.
Terry P ■ How about a picture of Debbie Harry from her days in Blondie. Totally gorgeous.

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