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Was Charles portrait done by a 4yr old?


❑ Jonathan Yeo should pay back his commission, burned at the stake along with the portrait of the king, my four year old can paint better. Lucy

❑ KING CHARLES PORTRAIT, what was the artist thinking of? CHARLES DESERVED BETTER. Angry Els seaham Co Durham

❑ Being an art collector and lover of beautiful works of art I had to laugh at the painting by Jonathan Yeo. My God you wouldn’t want those large rubber like hands around your neck would you. The only beautiful thing in this portrait that I could see was the BUTTERFLY. Acquired taste I suppose, I couldn’t look at that portrait every day without shuddering. TOD

❑ After having watched Game of thrones where the Red Wedding didn’t end well, we now have the Red King or at least a very red portrait of the new King. What does the red symbolise? Could red paint have just been a lot cheaper? Could it be the blue blooded king appealing to his red blooded workers? Could it be a comment on the amount of blood spent on defending the Monarchs and their kingdoms? Could it just be the love his people have for him or the red of anger when somebody again handed him a pen that didn’t work? Time may tell. Dennis Fitzgerald

❑ I cannot understand why builders churches and cathedral’s which can last over eight hundred years over nine hundred years now they cannot build schools and churches which cannot last forty years why? alphaone Selby

❑ Looking at the scene of the litter left by ignorant louts at Weymouth, is it any wonder countries like Spain want to deter us Brits going there? Selfish halfwits. Jackabilly

❑ the signs r growing ov insanity. sunak givs our weapons t the UKE’S, a non nato country, then our fiter jets defend israel, a non nato country, n now Lard Cameron tels the UKE’S itz ok t fire th missiles we suplied over th border into russia. Wot cud go rong? BOB

❑ Hark at ‘Biggles’ Sunak catastroph­ising. If he’s to be believed, if we don’t re-elect the Tories the UK will be plunged into an AI/world war/nuclear armageddon/economic crash/mass migration permacrisi­s of Labour’s making. Wasn’t it your lot, ‘Biggles,’ who cut our armed forces to the point that they’re so small in number that they can’t even fill Wembley, let alone defend the country. RedLeader

❑ If the UK is under threat, like Sunak claims, why wait until 2030 b4 increasing spending on defence. U’d do it NOW!!! ANGST ❑ just imagine if the leaders of the world put as much effort and resources that they do in the war machine and conflict into peace and pooling human ingenuity into making life better for everyone and not just elite what a wonderful thing that would be, but alas the reality is different financial gain seems the norm. Pomfretian

❑ A third of men 33% 20 to 34 are living at home with parents 2.2 million compared to 22% 1.4 million of women of the same age with the TORIES cost of living crisis soaring house prices and astronomic­al rents delaying the age of buying a first home. A lost generation of young adults sees VOTER APATHY a BIG PROBLEM as with London mayoral elections seeing only 40% voter turnout. Youngsters stuck at home ‘their sandwiches needing wrapping in a map’ isn’t funny anymore. Brian Linford Pontefract

❑ Amusing story about brothers Rafael and Guilherme F***, who can’t use their surname in English speaking countries. Reminds me of a story a few years ago about a village in Austria called F***ing, where English speaking tourists kept taking the name signs, the local mayor did however see the funny side! Dave Pinfold, Stockport

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 ?? Bob, Humberside ?? WITH the news that Girls Aloud are going back on the road could we have a pic of the gorgeous Kimberly Walsh,
Bob, Humberside WITH the news that Girls Aloud are going back on the road could we have a pic of the gorgeous Kimberly Walsh,

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