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Asp takes aim for Wembley


NATHAN ASPINALL will ‘treat’ himself to watching Manchester United in the FA Cup final – but only if he wins his shoot-out with Michael Smith tonight.

The Asp and Bully Boy go head-to-head in the final BetMGM Premier League meeting in Sheffield for a place in the play-offs at London’s O2.

And the avid United fan has set himself a customised motivation to qualify for the chance to win £275,000 of Premier League loot next Thursday.

Beat Smith, and he will skip the Dutch Darts Championsh­ip in Rosmalen on the European Tour and go to Wembley instead.

But if he loses, he will head to the Netherland­s to prepare for the prestigiou­s North American Darts Championsh­ip at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Aspinall (below) said: “If I am involved in the finals night, I will probably go to watch Manchester United at Wembley.

“It’s impossible for me to play Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, fly home Monday and then back out to New York on the Monday afternoon.

“So if I win on Thursday night, the chances are I am pulling out of the EuroTour event and I can go and watch United get absolutely battered off City again!”

Aspinall has already decided he will not be going to Wembley with fellow United fan Luke Littler.

He laughed: “Absolutely not – it’s bad enough going for a Nando’s with him – let alone going where there are thousands of English people, all Mancs. I would literally spend five hours having pictures with him. He’s a celebrity, isn’t he?”

Aspinall and Smith’s showdown is serious business after they took a four-day break in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Smith’s form fell off a cliff after he went to Vegas last year, but Aspinall said: “I stand by the decision. I have had an absolute nightmare over the last two weeks with people criticisin­g us for going. “Everyone knows me and Michael are good pals and it is ironic that it’s down to me or him in the final game.” Littler, Luke Humphries and Michael van Gerwen have already booked their places in the play-offs.

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