Prosecco Conegliano Val­dob­bi­adene

87 wines tasted A great choice of both brut and sweeter styles, with con­sis­tency and qual­ity throughout

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Spring frosts fol­lowed by high tem­per­a­tures in sum­mer. Vol­umes down on nor­mal but qual­ity of white grapes was good.


Rain in the spring re­duced some yields, but with con­sis­tent weather dur­ing the rest of the grow­ing sea­son, qual­ity of white grapes was gen­er­ally high.


A dry spring fol­lowed by hot weather in July/Au­gust. Whites are less aro­matic and in­tense.

Older vin­tages Prosecco is rarely a wine to keep. Un­less Car­tizze level, or from a top pro­ducer, these should have been drunk by now.

Non-Vin­tage Ready to drink, en­joy while youth­ful and fresh.

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