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Index kindly sponsor this section of Decanter, and provide their view on the market here. They can be found at Bordeauxin­ Much has been written in the last few years around the possibilit­y that there is a Burgundy ‘bubble’: that prices are unsustaina­ble and could see a sharp correction. Yet approachin­g three years on from the rapid market gains of 2017-2018, prices have largely stabilised and indeed in recent months started again on an upwards trajectory.

It is important not to generalise. That 2017-2018 period was noteworthy for the market gains being not only in the best-known names – Rousseau, Roumier, DRC et al – but also in the second and third tiers of producers. Collectors experience­d this most markedly in the premiers crus of well-known but not ‘blue chip’ producers moving into a totally different – far less affordable – price context. But the current market momentum behind Burgundy is rather different: top names are seeing pan-global demand, so prices are again heading upwards; the rest of the pack has a different buyer pool and is largely static both in prices and volumes bought and sold – something which the current en primeur pricing context for many such wines will not overly help.

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