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on the op­po­site side of Min­ninglow to where you ar­rived, de­scend an­other con­ces­sion­ary path lead­ing down to the High Peak Trail. Sev­eral large craters on the hill­side are prob­a­bly where stone was ex­tracted for walling, whilst a quarry to the side of the trail was where stone was sourced for the in­cred­i­ble em­bank­ment struc­ture nearby.

Yet more in­dus­trial her­itage can be seen from the trail by look­ing to where Min­ninglow Lane dis­ap­pears into a hol­low where there are the re­mains of sil­ica pits in what is now a con­ser­va­tion site. Dur­ing the 19th cen­tury the de­posits of high-fir­ing sil­ica sand found here were man­u­fac­tured into re­frac­tory bricks in a brick-kiln com­plex to the side of the rail­way line. These bricks were used in the Sheffield Steel in­dus­try. Re­frac­tory bricks are still man­u­fac­tured to this day, but from the Fri­den site of DSF Re­frac­to­ries & Min­er­als a few miles away.

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