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2Go straight across the track to a stile about 25m ahead with an­other Two Moors Way marker and a badge de­not­ing “Queen’s Walk, 1926-2016”, com­mem­o­rat­ing the Queen’s 90th birth­day – I sus­pect she hasn’t walked it! With the Bishop, the Queen and the feath­ery rooks in the fields, it’s rather like walk­ing through a chess game.

Cross the stile then keep ahead, walk­ing down the field with the bound­ary to the left and big views ahead. Way in the dis­tance a stand of wind tur­bines is vis­i­ble. At the bot­tom of the field go through a metal gate and turn left, down­hill on a muddy track.

‘With the Bishop, the Queen and the feath­ery rooks in the fields, it’s rather like walk­ing through a chess game’

In less than 100m the track reaches a gate, be­yond which you cross a small stream to reach a two-way fin­ger­post at the fence cor­ner. Fol­low its di­rec­tion to the right, pass­ing be­neath two soli­tary oak trees and reach­ing a wooden gate in the hedge in 100m. Walk straight across the next field, as ar­rows di­rect, to­wards the far bound­ary, where you find a gate be­neath oaks. Pause to en­joy views back to Mor­chard Bishop and its church, then fol­low the hedged track be­yond the gate. The track passes through an or­nately-han­dled gate. Be­yond this ig­nore a by­way go­ing right and keep straight ahead, still on the Two Moors Way and fol­low­ing the track past a few iso­lated houses at Woodgate.

3The track be­gins to rise af­ter Woodgate Cot­tage and in just un­der 300m reaches house at Weeke. Keep ahead un­til you reach the road, then turn right. In about 50m the Two Moors Way goes left along a track be­side a bun­ga­low.

Fol­low the track, its early good sur­face gives way to mud­dier con­di­tions. Stay on the track un­til it passes through a metal gate into a field. Walk through the field, hedge to your right, ap­proach­ing wood­land – which isn’t shown on the map.

In the field cor­ner a yel­lowar­rowed post di­rects across a plank bridge and through a wooden gate into the wood­land. Turn right af­ter the gate and fol­low the path with the trees to your left and glimpses to your right of fields be­yond the bound­ary. Near the end of the wood a house be­comes vis­i­ble through the trees, shown as Slade on the map. ‘pri­vate’. Don’t go through any gates but turn left, walk­ing up­hill with the trees to your left and Slade over the hedge to the right. This is no longer the Two Moors Way and is an of­fi­cially re-routed foot­path.

In about 150m yel­low-ar­rowed steps on the right lead up into a field. Walk di­ag­o­nally across the mid­dle of the field to the far cor­ner, slightly up­hill with un­du­lat­ing farm­land views be­hind if you stop for a breather.

In the cor­ner, go through the yel­low-ar­rowed gate then walk through the next field with the hedge to the right. This was once a hedged track but is now open field. In about 200m you find a large gap in the hedge on the right where yel­low ar­rows may be ob­scured.

Pass through this gap then con­tinue in the same di­rec­tion, now with the same hedge to your left. In 100m the hedge bends left, fol­low it as it goes right again in an­other 50m. When the hedge ends keep ahead, pass­ing barns on your left to reach a mul­ti­ar­rowed post.

5Turn left, walk­ing past the front of the barns, from which we were ob­served by many in­quis­i­tive cows who had a gen­tle chat with us as we passed. Mind the dog doesn’t star­tle them!

At the end of the barns keep ahead in the same di­rec­tion, pass­ing a two-way fin­ger­post and now fol­low­ing a bri­dlepath. This passes a pair of thatched cot­tages and con­tin­ues clearly.

Ig­nore any gates to left or right and stay with the track for al­most a mile, pass­ing an oc­ca­sional house, un­til it emerges onto the lane at Old­bor­ough Cross op­po­site cot­tages with a post box in their wall

6As the track emerges ig­nore an im­me­di­ate left turn and keep ahead along the lane signed for Mor­chard Bishop, ¾ mile away. The lane passes at­trac­tive houses as it ap­proaches the vil­lage. Ig­nore a right fork in 350m and keep head­ing for Mor­chard Bishop. In an­other 250m the lane reaches Frost Cross.

Field paths and cross­ing the field to­wards an ob­vi­ous gate and fin­ger­post, pass­ing a lone tree to your right. Up to the left, the church tower is vis­i­ble through the trees.

When you reach the gate onto the lane don’t go through, in­stead turn left, still in the field and now walk­ing up­hill with the hedge over to your right. The hedge comes in to meet you at a cor­ner, con­tinue up be­side it un­til you Si­mone Stanbrook-byrne and James Clancy have pro­duced a se­lec­tion of West Coun­try guides in­clud­ing: Favourite Walks in Devon, Cir­cu­lar Walks in the South Hams, Cir­cu­lar Walks in East Devon, Cir­cu­lar Walks in Cen­tral Devon, Cir­cu­lar Walks in North Devon/ex­moor, A Dozen Dra­matic Walks in Devon, Town Walks in Devon. cul­m­val­ley­pub­lish­ing.co.uk/01392 881513

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