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The finest sparkling wines and sparkling ciders use the Tra­di­tional Method also known as the Méth­ode Tra­di­tionelle. A base wine or cider is made from pri­mary fer­men­ta­tion us­ing wild or cul­tured wine yeast to con­vert the grape sug­ars, or in the case of cider, ap­ple fruc­tose into al­co­hol. These base wines or ciders are blended to­gether be­fore be­ing bot­tled with the ad­di­tion of liqueur de tirage a mix­ture of Cham­pagne yeast and sugar which trig­gers a sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion in the bot­tle. Bub­bles are born and dis­solve into the wine or cider mak­ing it sparkle. The wine or cider then ages on the dead yeast called lees which self-de­struct through a process called yeast au­tol­y­sis giv­ing com­plex bready, bri­oche and nutty flavours. Lees are re­moved by rid­dling the bot­tles by hand or in gy­ropalettes be­fore be­ing dis­gorged and topped up with a dosage of re­serve wine or cider.

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