Be sure to cover your costs by ar­rang­ing an up-front pay­ment, in­de­pen­dent of im­age sales

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When shoot­ing wed­dings or other sim­i­lar events, you can be fairly con­fi­dent of the pro­por­tion of guests that will pur­chase prints from you. At school events, when the ex­act for­mat and at­tendee en­gage­ment can be un­de­cided and un­pre­dictable, you need to re­duce the im­pact of poor sales, not least be­cause your im­ages will have lim­ited long-term sig­nif­i­cance. Con­sider charg­ing a retainer fee, that is enough to cover your travel ex­penses to the venue and time pre­par­ing pre­views later. This can be con­trib­uted in small amounts by each at­tendee, who can be dis­counted this amount on their print or­der, for ex­am­ple.

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