Digital Photograper - - Shooting Skills -

1 OPEN THE RAW FILE The RAW file is opened in Adobe Cam­era Raw in Pho­to­shop CC 2018. It looks okay, but is en­larged to 100% to check that the im­age is sharp be­fore any edit­ing takes place.

2 EDIT THE IM­AGE The Auto op­tion un­der the Ba­sic menu is se­lected and makes a no­tice­able im­prove­ment. Lens Cor­rec­tions are also ap­plied and Tem­per­a­ture is ad­justed to warm up the im­age.

3 CLONE OUT BLEM­ISHES The im­age is en­larged on-screen and any un­wanted blem­ishes are re­moved us­ing the Heal­ing Brush. These in­clude sen­sor dust spots in the sky and light trails from pass­ing air­craft.

4 COR­RECT THE VER­TI­CALS The sides of the build­ings are lean­ing in. To cor­rect this, the im­age is se­lected, then us­ing Edit>Trans­form>Dis­tort the bot­tom cor­ners of the shot are pulled out and down.





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