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“My main in­flu­ences are vi­vian Maier, Fred herzog, saul leiter and Joel Meyerowitz. My edit­ing style is in­flu­enced by film types such as Ko­dachrome. i try to go my own way and not worry too much about what oth­ers are do­ing. The great­est chal­lenge is time – you need a lot of it to get to a point where things start com­ing to­gether. Many peo­ple ask about my edit­ing style, be­liev­ing there is some se­cret sauce. it’s just trial and er­ror and the fi­nal re­sult is a very min­i­mal process. My edit­ing style is to sim­ply en­hance the im­age – pro­cess­ing takes no more than 1-2 min­utes.”

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