Take ad­van­tage of the wire­less tech­nol­ogy avail­able in modern dig­i­tal cam­eras for im­age-han­dling ease

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Are you mak­ing the most of your cam­era’s wire­less ca­pa­bil­i­ties?

Only a few years ago wire­less func­tion­al­ity in dig­i­tal cam­eras was seen as some­what of a gim­mick, al­beit one that added cost to higher-end com­pacts and bridge mod­els. The abil­ity to di­rectly ac­cess the files stored on a card or in­ter­nal drive does make prac­ti­cal sense how­ever, es­pe­cially for pho­tog­ra­phers on the move. To­day the tech­nol­ogy has found its way into pro­fes­sional CSC and DSLR cam­eras and can be used for con­trol in both direc­tions.

The mo­bile apps avail­able for down­load can be em­ployed to move im­ages be­tween the cam­era and the mo­bile de­vice, in­stead of us­ing a USB ca­ble to trans­fer files. They can also be used to con­trol cam­era func­tions re­motely from the de­vice, in place of a phys­i­cal shut­ter re­lease ca­ble or a fur­ther in­vest­ment in an op­tional, ded­i­cated wire­less re­mote trig­ger. This of­fers ad­van­tages for speed of im­age backup when away from a lap­top or hard drive, and adds to the in­ter­con­nec­tiv­ity of the cam­era to the pho­tog­ra­pher’s per­sonal de­vice net­work.

On some cam­eras ac­cess is not pass­word pro­tected, so other nearby app users may be able to ac­cess your im­ages. It is ad­vis­able that you de­ac­ti­vate Wi-Fi when it is not in use to pro­tect your data, when not part of a se­cure, pri­vate net­work. This will also aid bat­tery life.

In­set MISS­ING SHARP­NESS By trig­ger­ing the shut­ter us­ing the shut­ter re­lease but­ton, sharp­ness-de­grad­ing vi­bra­tions in­tro­duced by touch­ing the cam­era body pre­vent the cap­ture of finede­tail, re­duc­ing en­large­ment

1 DOWN­LOAD SMART­PHONE APP Look in the app store and down­load the cor­rect mo­bile app for your cam­era. Be aware that older ver­sions may not sup­port some newer cam­era bod­ies.

2 EN­ABLE NFC AND WI-FI In the rear menu, nav­i­gate to the sys­tem setup and ac­ti­vate Wi-Fi and NFC, mak­ing the cam­era vis­i­ble to neigh­bour­ing de­vices. En­sure wire­less func­tion­al­ity is ac­tive on the mo­bile de­vice.

3 TOUCH TO CON­NECT Touch your phone to the NFC con­nec­tion point on the cam­era body, in­di­cated by the logo. This should set up a wire­less con­nec­tion so that the app and cam­era soft­ware can com­mu­ni­cate.

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