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EN­TER SET­TINGS set your shut­ter speed, f-stop and isO based on the cur­rent light­ing con­di­tions. set an ap­pro­pri­ate sen­si­tiv­ity and ei­ther use aper­ture or shut­ter pri­or­ity modes to cal­cu­late a cor­rect ex­po­sure. switch to man­ual mode to lock in these set­tings, ready to be saved.


SAVE CAM­ERA STA­TUS Go into your cam­era’s menu and find the con­trol setup tab. This may be found in the cus­tom func­tion area depend­ing on the make and model. choose the save set­tings op­tion and se­lect which mode dial po­si­tion you would like to as­sign the cur­rent set­ting to.


SET MODE DIAL PO­SI­TION When in a sim­i­lar light­ing sce­nario, ac­cess the saved set­tings from the main mode dial by ro­tat­ing to the cor­rect user po­si­tion. This will in­stantly load the cam­era sta­tus you pre­vi­ously saved. Make changes to white bal­ance and fo­cus as usual.


RESET FOR NEW CON­DI­TIONS For dif­fer­ent shoot­ing sce­nar­ios, turn the mode dial back to auto mode or man­ual. cal­cu­late a new set of ap­pro­pri­ate ex­po­sure val­ues and as­sign these to an­other pre­set po­si­tion. To clear the saved set­tings use the reset func­tion from the menu.

“Your in­ter­ac­tion with the cam­era should be­come in­stinc­tive”

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