Digital Photograper - - Shooting Skills -

1 AUTO TAB Try the Auto Tab in the Ba­sic menu of Adobe Cam­era Raw to see what it does to the im­age. The lat­est ver­sion is the best yet and of­ten does a great job.

2 LENS CORRECTIONS An­other es­sen­tial step is to apply Lens Corrections to re­move chro­matic aber­ra­tions from the im­age and also make any other corrections based on the pro­file of the im­age – in this case a Canon 17-40mm zoom.

3 DEHAZE AND VI­BRANCE To im­prove clar­ity and give the im­age a boost, the Dehaze slider is set to +20. The Vi­brance slider is also in­creased to +28 to sub­tly in­crease colour strength. The im­age now looks more lively.

4 DARKEN THE COR­NERS Click­ing the Lens Corrections icon again, the Vi­gnette slider is dragged over to the left. This adds a sub­tle vi­gnette, dark­en­ing the cor­ners and draw­ing at­ten­tion to the com­po­si­tion’s cen­tre.

Be­lowTIME AND MO­TION The shot only needs a few tweaks in post-pro­duc­tion be­cause the im­age ef­fect is cre­ated in-cam­era when us­ing Lens­baby lenses

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