roToliGhT hss TrAns­miT­Ter For Fu­ji­Film £229 / $249

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Rotolight’s cur­rent LED lights all have an Elinchrom Sky­port flash re­ceiver built in. This en­ables the con­stant lights to work as wire­less off-cam­era flash units at shut­ter speeds of up to 1/8,000sec, and with no recycling time. How­ever, do­ing so re­quires a wire­less trans­mit­ter to be con­nected to the cam­era.

Rotolight of­fers a num­ber of HSS trans­mit­ters, the lat­est of which is for Fu­ji­film cam­eras. You may find that an older cam­era like the X-T2 needs a firmware up­grade in­stalling be­fore the op­tion to use the trans­mit­ter is avail­able. Then you can se­lect the Flash

Func­tion set­ting in the cam­era menu and set the mode to Man­ual. Once that’s done, you can shoot with flash at the me­chan­i­cal shut­ter’s max­i­mum rate – that’s 8fps with the X-T2 and 11fps with the X-T3. The trans­mit­ter also en­ables you to con­trol the power and colour of each con­nected light re­motely.

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