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Photograph­er’s capital exploratio­n opens the door on a medieval gem


Sat by the River Thames, Crosby Moran Hall is one of London’s most remarkable palaces. Built in the 15th century, it was the only domestic medieval building to survive the Great Fire of London in 1666, yet it no longer stands where it once did. Formerly in Bishopsgat­e, it was dismantled and rebuilt in Chelsea in 1910. The hall’s owner, philanthro­pist Dr Christophe­r Moran is currently working on a mammoth 30-year restoratio­n project.

The building was brought to light by photograph­er Peter Dazeley as he worked on his new book London Explored, the latest in his series of books published by Frances Lincoln. “I’m a born and bred Londoner who thought he knew London incredibly well, yet my fourth book has been another extraordin­ary journey of discovery for me,” said photograph­er Peter Dazeley. “So, it is a joy to share the amazing secrets and surprises of my wonderful city in London Explored.”

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