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Local council seeks to fill a unique vacancy that is fit for a king


Barrow Borough Council is recruiting for an unusual vacancy: landlord of the Ship Inn on Piel Island, a tiny islet half a mile off the Cumbrian coast. Not your usual desk job, this particular role comes with several stipulatio­ns. You must be prepared to sign a 10-year lease, manage the 50-acre island, and be comfortabl­e with isolation – aside from occasional visitors to the pub and the ruined Piel Castle, there are only three other residents. You must also accept the title of “King of Piel” in an ancient ceremony that involves being doused in beer.

On the plus side, the successful applicant will have incredible sunsets, wildlife and natural beauty on their doorstep. The council hopes to fill the role by April when the weekend ferry resumes again after its winter break.

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