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Teatime QUIZ

Test your knowledge of Britain – answers below!


1. Which British Prime Minister once worked as a food research scientist for a company that manufactur­ed soft-serve ice cream?

a) Harold Wilson

b) Harold MacMillan

c) Margaret Thatcher

2. London’s new Crossrail line, the Elizabeth Line, is set to open in 2022. Stretching 60 miles, it will serve 41 stations, but how many will be newly built?

a) 10

b) 20

c) 30

3. According to VisitBrita­in, which tourist attraction was the most-visited paid destinatio­n in Britain in 2020?

a) Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

b) Chester Zoo

c) Tatton Park

4. How long is the shingle barrier at Chesil Beach in Dorset?

a) 8 miles

b) 18 miles

c) 28 miles

5. When were postcodes first trialled in Britain?

a) 1559

b) 1759

c) 1959

6. The traditiona­l dish of Rumpledeth­umps, which originated in the Scottish Borders, is made from which key ingredient?

a) Apples

b) Potatoes

c) Beef

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