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One of Britain’s best-loved contempora­ry artists comes to one of its newest museums


In Scotland’s Year of Stories, it is fitting that one of the contempora­ry art world’s best storytelle­rs has decided to come north of the border.

Grayson Perry’s show The Essex House Tapestries: Life of Julie Cope will be displayed at the Great Tapestry of Scotland centre in Galashiels until 14 August 2022.

The centre was built to house The Great Tapestry of Scotland, which tells the story of Scotland from millions of years BC to the present day.

Perry’s tapestries depict “the trials, tribulatio­ns, celebratio­ns and mistakes of an average life.”

Sandy Maxwell-Forbes, centre director, says: ‘‘These works of art tell a moving everyday life story of joy and heartbreak. Visitors will experience almost every emotion as they take a sensory journey for the eyes and ears.” greattapes­tryofscotl­

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