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Dear Reader,

- Nane Steinhoff, Editor

First of all, in these very mad times, we hope you stay healthy and happy and that this current pandemic flies over all of us very soon without doing too much damage, so that we can resume enjoying our cultural institutio­ns and going on awesome trips to see new places and meet friends and relatives.

To bridge the waiting time until you can go travelling again, we have focused on bringing interestin­g stories about great destinatio­ns to you at home, so that you can get inspired in a slightly different way this month. For example, take a look at why South Tyrol should be on your to-do list, experience Stuttgart like you haven’t before and read about the best castles to visit in Germany. Or, find out why camping and caravannin­g is a top trend at the moment.

Other topics covered in our new issue are interviews with the actress Sarah Alles, a look at some peculiar and fascinatin­g Easter traditions throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerlan­d, innovative architects and their impressive projects and much, much more.

Sit back, relax (as much as you can in these challengin­g times) and thanks so much for reading and for your support.

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