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The award-winning beauty institute Helene Schaaf in Pforzheim offers a great range of top, modern treatments, such as Hydrafacia­ls, the popular skin care among many celebritie­s. In a relaxed and trusted setting, the beautician­s not only make sure you’ll leave with a fresh and bright appearance, but they also place great importance onto individual consultati­ons.

Helene Schaaf has always had a passion for all things cosmetic. Due to her previous job in dental aesthetics, she already knew one exciting aspect of beauty cosmetics and decided to do more training. Today, she is an internatio­nally and stateappro­ved beautician, as well as a certified spa and wellness manager.

In 2009, Helene Schaaf founded her own beauty business in Pforzheim, which has grown to two branches, both ISOcertifi­ed. She is managing them successful­ly with her two daughters.

A special focus is on anti-aging treatments using the latest technology. However, every new customer receives a free digital skin analysis first. The individual consultati­on is one of the most important aspects for Helene Schaaf and her team. Only if you understand the customer’s individual needs, can you deliver top quality.

“The atmosphere in our salons is casual, close and respectful,“Helene Schaaf adds. “Our customers trust us because of our honesty. We regularly renew our treatment range, but we only offer treatments which we are 100 per cent convinced of.”

The special anti-aging treatments include the well-known Hydrafacia­l, the Microneedl­ing by Skin Pen and the Tixel treatment, where heated titanium and gold are used to renew the skin.

“Our customers come to us because they are looking for long-lasting and visible results achieved in a short amount of time, ”Helene Schaaf explains. “Thanks to our extensive range, we have customers of all ages. Aside from the special antiaging treatments, we offer permanent hair removal, microbladi­ng and permanent make-up.”

What also speaks for the salon is the close cooperatio­n with celebrity make-up artist Ivan Saputera. He has worked for big names such as Karl Lagerfeld, JOOP!, Jil Sander, Bogner, Lancaster, Monaco and Isabella Rossellini. This summer, he will do a workshop revealing tips and tricks about the perfect make-up together with Helene Schaaf.

If you’re looking for a trusted consultati­on, top-quality and state-of-the-art technology in the field of beauty, you have found the right place.

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