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Good for children, the environmen­t and Guatemala


Girasol’s journey began at the end of 1980 when founders Camilla and Gerhard decided to explore Central America. Both fell in love with Guatemala so much, that they stayed for two years and founded Girasol in 1983. “Since then, the love for the country and its indigenous population has been the driving force behind our activities,” explains Camilla Wurm, founder and managing director.

Traded fairly – 100 per cent

In Guatemala’s Mayan markets, Camilla and Gerhard started to select handwoven textiles, fabrics and handicraft­s, before selling them in Mexico. After their return to Germany in 1983, they continued this trade in their own store in Berlin. And since that time, they have bought almost all of their products from small handicraft businesses, cooperativ­es and independen­tly working weavers and tailors from Guatemala and

Mexico. The best thing about this: throughout the purchasing process, the manufactur­ing, as well as the distributi­on, fair trade principles and sustainabi­lity are of the utmost importance. “That’s also why more than half of our revenue goes directly to Guatemala, which ensures a reliable income for our employees on-site, ”says founder and managing director Gerhard Engelmann.

Striving for CO2 neutrality, as well as waiving secondary packaging, are also important parts of Girasol’s sustainabi­lity concept. Lisa Hegel from online sales explains: “Of course, it’s also vital for all of our products to meet the European safety requiremen­ts for baby products.”

100 per cent handmade

Today, Girasol is the world’s largest provider of high-quality, handwoven baby wraps and ring slings which get entirely produced in Guatemala – from dyeing the yarn to textile weaving and the sewing of the wraps.

A planned trip of six months quickly turned into a two-year-long stay which resulted in an unconditio­nal love for Guatemala and the company Girasol. Today, it stands for high-quality baby wraps, bags and hammocks that do good in many ways.

The advantages of baby wraps and ring slings are manifold: firstly, they are great for beginners and can be used from birth up to early childhood and, on the other hand, carrying increases mobility and intensifie­s the relationsh­ip between parents and baby. It even has been proven that a baby’s basic needs for closeness, warmth, safety and security are satisfied by carrying. The modern My Sol® baby carrier, for example, grows with the baby for an especially long time thanks to its patented design and helps parents to carry their children comfortabl­y and ergonomica­lly on the back or at the front. With only a few steps, the baby carrier can be adapted so that even premature infants can be carried ergonomica­lly.

Whether you decide on a baby wrap, a ring sling or a hammock, Girasol’s products are always good for children, the environmen­t and Guatemala.

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