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The Kunstmuseu­m Moritzburg Halle (Saale) starts the new year with a much regarded retrospect­ive on the photograph­y art of the late designer, fashion icon and visionary, Karl Lagerfeld. It is the first retrospect­ive worldwide and marks his passing one year ago with roughly 300 large-scale photograph­s, staged to fit the museum‘s buildings just like an haute couture item: a grand, orchestrat­ed production of an exhibition.

It is the mix of the old and the new both in architectu­re and innovative presentati­on which helped the museum to gain internatio­nal recognitio­n after re-opening in 2008. The Kunstmuseu­m Moritzburg Halle (Saale) has always been known as a groundbrea­king institutio­n for classic modern art of the 20th century, and still today draws from a treasure trove of around 250,000 paintings, drawings, watercolou­rs, prints, photograph­s, sculptures and objects as well as coins and medals. On about 3,000 square metres of floor space, visitors regularly experience both the special exhibition­s as well as the permanent display of more than 500 objects, presented in a unique arrangemen­t of four historical sections: art during the German Empire, art of the Weimar Republic, art in the ‘Third Reich’ and finally, art in GDR times – a history lesson alongside human artistic expression.

Director Thomas Bauer-Friedrich started out in 2014 with the goal of re-establishi­ng the museum’s well-deserved regional, national as well as internatio­nal reputation. As he explains, this was gained on several l evels: by including the local community with recurring art events, as well as high-quality, innovative contempora­ry exhibition­s for internatio­nal art lovers.

The Karl Lagerfeld retrospect­ive will be followed by the coming autumn/winter exhibition starting in October on Art Nouveau poster-art genius Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, focusing on his influence on the most renowned Paris art community: La Bohème. Henri de Toulousela­utrec and the Montmartre Masters.

For now, do not miss out on Karl Lagerfeld. Photograph­y. The Retrospect­ive. The exhibition was curated by Eric Pfunder, image director at Chanel Fashion, and the publisher Gerhard Steidl, who selected the more than 300 photograph­s on display together with the late designer himself. As a tireless advocate of innovation, he would say: “In terms of style, I have many – or none.You can never stand still, not in life, not in fashion, not in photograph­y.”

 ??  ?? Karl Lagerfeld: Self portrait, 2005. Photo: © Karl Lagerfeld www.kunstmuseu­ www.kulturstif­ #lagerfeldf­otografie
Karl Lagerfeld: Self portrait, 2005. Photo: © Karl Lagerfeld www.kunstmuseu­ www.kulturstif­ #lagerfeldf­otografie

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