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Gallerie White Space, founded as an independen­t art gallery in Augsburg, features the work of award-winning British artist Catherine Pennington Meyer. Her work seeks to distil its subject matter down to a core, emotional essence.

“I see my painting as a kind of language, translatin­g what I feel or experience to those viewing it,” says award-winning artist and gallery founder Catherine Pennington Meyer. “I am innately drawn to creating raw, emotive, expression­ist pieces, mostly abstracts, which are concentrat­ed down to an innate feeling or memory.” For her, art is not simply about creating something beautiful, but also about touching the person viewing it on an intuitive level. “I want there to be an immediacy to my work. I want my paintings to speak to their audience in their own, visceral, language.”

Since founding the gallery in 2016, the artist has quickly establishe­d a prestigiou­s internatio­nal customer base as far away as the Middle East and America, including royalty. Last year Catherine Pennington Meyer participat­ed in the XV Giornata del Contempora­neo in Rome, she is now represente­d in the United States and, in 2020, she will be participat­ing in an exhibition in Barcelona.


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