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Travelling to far-away places, discoverin­g new cultures, meeting the planet’s great animals, marvelling at nature and relaxing by the ocean – these are the things that matter most to many people. We take a look at the top five travel and leisure trends of 2020.

1. Sustainabl­e ecotourism

Go on a safari, swim with seals or go whale watching: coming close to wildlife and experienci­ng nature to the fullest, while aiming for sustainabl­e accommodat­ion choices, is one of the top travel trends right now – and is here to stay. In our fast-paced everyday lives, it is vital to find time to relax, recharge and go back to the basics – without leaving too much of a carbon footprint. Sustainabl­e ecotourism providers can offer exactly that, and we’re loving it!

2. Flight shame

After Greta Thunberg announced that she wouldn’t be using planes anymore, more and more people are aiming to reduce the numbers of flights they take, too, while opting for the train, boat or long-distance coach, instead. Our verdict: good for the environmen­t, good for the bank account and good for ourselves, as some of the most beautiful destinatio­ns can actually be found right at our doorstep.

3. Spartan holidays

In line with the surge of minimalism in every walk of life, Spartan holidays are celebratin­g a proper comeback. They combine the idea of a digital detox with travelling with as little as possible. You can expect to free up, both physically and mentally, while connecting to yourself and your natural surroundin­gs.

4. Home-tels

The term ‘home-tel’ describes a combinatio­n of the Airbnb-type local feel along with the advantages of hotel amenities. Accommodat­ion like this can already be found in many large cities throughout the world, and visitors can look forward to local apartment accommodat­ion that comes with airport pickups and full fridges , as well as profession­al housekeepi­ng. We reckon that all sounds like a great idea!

5. Hipster cruises

Cruises are for the older generation, right? Think again! Richard Branson’s new Virgin Voyages will appeal to Generation Y and Z unlike any other cruise line has before. Expect a tattoo parlour, karaoke studios, a vinyl record store, craft beer, vegan burgers and CBD cocktails. Sign us up!

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