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In 2013, Krug Expedition was founded by a group of German and Austrian offroad enthusiast­s, who wanted to provide technicall­y advanced heavy-duty expedition vehicles for self-sustained, confident and safe travel across the globe. The idea turned into a successful business.

Customers can take advantage of the diverse internatio­nal team, which has many decades of travel experience under its belt. The team is well versed in all types of travel environmen­ts as well as with numerous different vehicles. These profession­als truly understand what matters on the road, or even if there is no road at all.

“This experience informs every decision we make about every aspect of our vehicles, down to the very last detail and component,” says Vitali Knorr of Krug Expedition. “Combining the experience and superior craftsmans­hip of profession­als from both Western and Eastern Europe is the key to our efficiency.”

To ensure maximum reliabilit­y even in the harshest of environmen­ts, Krug Expedition only uses top-quality components and equipment. Yet, the experts manage to create home-like interiors that make travelling comfortabl­e.

Vitali Knorr adds: “Relying on the full cycle of in-house production, we control quality during all stages – from sandwich panels and module body production to the release of a completed project.”

The Krug range includes both stock- and highly customised solutions. The current highlight is a series of standard modules with lengths ranging from 4.6 to six metres. Clients can choose from a great selection of 20 different interior layout options, which match most of the existing off-road truck chassis.

If you are searching for a top-notch expedition-grade travel vehicle, look no further. No matter how harsh the road conditions or how unforgivin­g the climate, the vehicles by Krug Expedition have got you covered. Thanks to decades of experience, the internatio­nal team knows exactly what to look out for to make world-wide travel not only safe and reliable, but also comfortabl­e.

“The concept of standard modules is built around multiple pre-designed projects, ”Vitali Knorr says. “This allows us to keep our products cost effective and fast to manufactur­e. ”Thanks to its highly skilled team of engineers and CAD designers, Krug Expedition is also capable of developing customised complex projects on demand and launching them into production.

A trusting on-going relationsh­ip with customers is highly valued at Krug Expedition, and after-sales support is continuous­ly available.

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