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‘The worst crime is faking it’


Conference­s, fairs or product launches – Halle 45 is an all-rounder for corporate events in the Rhine-Main area.

Only a 25-minute drive from Frankfurt Airport, Halle 45, with a total size of 6,200 square metres (inside and outside), is the largest industrial location in the Rhine-Main area. Reopened in 2016 after comprehens­ive refurbishm­ent, the 5,000-square-metre premises inside are the heart of the urban industrial area Alte Waggonfabr­ik in Mainz and always a guarantee for highly memorable events. “During refurbishm­ent, we handled the hall as gently as possible and retained its unique character and feel. To speak with Kurt Cobain’s words, ‘The worst crime is faking it’. This authentici­ty we practice also reflects the demands we make on ourselves and our work,” explains manager Dr. Hanns-Christian von Stockhause­n.

Volvo, Salesforce, Hagebau, IKEA and the Knauf Group are among the customers, and the number of regular customers is constantly growing. The reason? “Everyone is the best host in their own home. Our team puts its heart and soul into its work. The majority of us have worked here from the beginning and know the hall’s every screw and beam. This familiarit­y forms part of our work, and, ultimately, the events.” With a height of 13 metres and a floor load of up to 40 tonnes, Halle 45 is also well prepared for some grander entrances, such as the 2019 world premiere of the Mercedes eCitaro electric bus. About which event sizes are we talking about, here? “We are able to divide the hall in up to nine different event spaces. In addition to seven additional spaces with a size of between 150 and 400 square metres, we are able to host events for 20 to 2,000 people. There is also the outside area, with 1,200 square metres. And, if additional workshop rooms are required, we can provide specially designed containers. Still, each client of course decides the range of services they need from us. Whether they use our preferred partners for event technology or catering, or work with their own partners – our common goal is successful, welcoming events for our customers and their guests. That is our mission and our foremost purpose.”

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