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Managing energy intelligen­tly


Renewable energy, decentrali­sation and digitalisa­tion are substantia­lly changing the world of energy. More and more people want to produce their own electricit­y and use electromob­ility. The Mannheim-based company, beegy, develops smart solutions for tomorrow’s energy.

Connecting energy devices digitally

‘Manage the sun at home’: smart energy solutions play a leading role at beegy, solutions such as producing electricit­y on the roof and using it in the house or to charge the electric car. Electricit­y, which is not used right away, is stored temporaril­y. In order to utilise the vast number of decentrali­sed energy devices such as PV systems, battery storage and charging stations efficientl­y, they have to be connected and intelligen­tly managed. To do so, beegy has developed an IOT platform that integrates the energy components of the households and steers and controls them taking into account weather and consumptio­n forecasts, prices and measured values.

Energy services, such as web portal, technical monitoring, smart energy management and electricit­y flat rates, help assist customers to use their self-generated electricit­y in the best possible way.

White label modular system for various industries

With its portfolio of solutions regarding independen­t energy supply, efficient energy use and environmen­tally friendly electromob­ility services, the full-service provider assists other companies in opening up new business areas. The offer ranges from single services such as charge control and electricit­y flat rates to complement a client’s own product range, to a comfortabl­e full-service solution including PV system, battery storage and charging station. Due to the modular system, each company can develop individual product and service packages for their customers and offer them under their own brand (white label).

This does not only enable classic energy suppliers to enter into new business fields, but is also relevant for manufactur­ers of energy components or other industries, such as the automobile sector, which want to complement their product portfolio or upgrade it.

IOT platform for selling energy products

The platform makes selling energy products very easy. From generating leads and quotes, to logistics and installati­on, to billing and customer service: all processes are automated. Digital tools, such as an online configurat­or for website integratio­n and a sales app to support system planning and sales, create an incredible customer experience.

Holistic solutions for electromob­ility

The White Label service provider is particular­ly focused on holistic solutions for electromob­ility. It ranges from self-sufficient power supply and charging stations to the smart charging system HERMINE. “This is based on an energy management system, that connects the local photovolta­ic system and the battery storage with a controllab­le charging station,” beegy’s managing director Carsten Bruns explains. “That way, the e-car is preferably charged with solar power from your own roof. Compared to uncontroll­ed charging via grid, you save costs while driving in an environmen­tally friendly way at the same time.”

 ??  ?? Service and product world of beegy. Photo: © Adobe Stock
Service and product world of beegy. Photo: © Adobe Stock
 ??  ?? Connecting energy devices for digital management.
Connecting energy devices for digital management.

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