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It was almost 80 years ago, when Frida Dürr, the wife of precision engineer Wilhelm Dürr, had to visit the dentist in the autumn of 1946. But during the root canal treatment the dental drill broke and because it was very difficult to get new equipment after the war, the dentist had to finish the treatment manually. Knowing about Wilhelm Dürr’s technical skills, the dentist gave his patient the broken drill to take home. It worked out: although Wilhelm Dürr had never repaired dental equipment, he managed to fix it.

That’s how Dürr, who ran a precision workshop with his brother Karl, discovered a gap in the market almost accidental­ly. From 1948 onwards, the brothers establishe­d their business in the dental sector.

Today, DÜRR DENTAL is known as one of the internatio­nal leaders in the market and celebrates its 80th anniversar­y next year.

It’s led by Martin Dürrstein, the third generation of the Dürr family. He continues to place great importance on innovation: “We strive to understand the dentists’ requiremen­ts and offer them exact and reliable solutions so that they can provide excellent treatment to their patients.”

DÜRR DENTAL is known for innovative products such as the first suction unit or the long-time bestseller, the disinfecta­nt Orotol. In general, the experts for dental technology offer products from four different ranges: compressed air and suction, imaging, dental care and hygiene, as well as prevention and therapy.

Currently, the team is focused on smart solutions for the dental practice 4.0. The experts are developing cloud-based software solutions and equipment, which can be connected and linked with each other. For example, Visa Soft Cloud allows the sharing of x-ray images quickly and directly with the lab.

The German family business DÜRR DENTAL in Bietigheim-Bissingen is one of the few internatio­nal market leaders in the dental industry. For almost 80 years, the brand DÜRR DENTAL has been known for high-end products ‘Made in Germany’ and technical innovation­s. How did it all start? With a root canal treatment and a broken dental drill…

But DÜRR DENTAL doesn’t just want to sell products, it also wants to pass on the necessary know-how. Therefore, DÜRR DENTAL Academy plays a crucial role for the business from Baden-Wuerttembe­rg. It offers around 140 seminars for dental staff, technician­s and students around the year.

“We accept responsibi­lity with each product we sell in the dental field,” says Dürrstein. “Therefore, it’s essential for us to provide training, expertise and excellent service. Our customers’ and their patients’ satisfacti­on are of utmost importance to us.”

 ??  ?? Visiting DÜRR DENTAL Academy.
Visiting DÜRR DENTAL Academy.

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