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SISSIBAY stands for flexible and lasting architectu­re and design, uniquely created from a single source.

“I always create individual and unique environmen­ts for our clients, ”says multitalen­ted SISSIBAY founder Cornelia Kollmann. Thinking outside the box is a must at SISSIBAY and its builders enjoy the exclusive relationsh­ip provided by the award-winning team.

Unique solutions also mean a close and comprehens­ive cooperatio­n and the ideas and vision of the client are therefore put front and centre. The team around Cornelia Kollmann develops everything from shell to exclusive furniture and its project portfolio spans across manifold projects such as remodellin­g a cosmetic studio to organic exteriors for a spa hotel, through to building high-end private homes and luxurious villas.

“It is not only the shell that is developed, but also exclusive, one-of-a-kind interiors,” explains Cornelia Kollmann. In most cases, unique collection­s of furniture and products are part of the SISSIBAY package, underlinin­g the unique quality of each project. As mentioned above, the landscape design is treated on the same level as the architectu­re, honouring the aspect of the immediate surroundin­gs as much as the interior: “It stages, frames and complement­s the object and thus helps creating a sense of the whole. ”SISSIBAY keeps a close look on the exterior, which also means a mark-up for the value of the object while rounding up the unique, overall design concept.

The creative interactio­n of architectu­re, interior, landscape and product design coming from one hand at SISSIBAY mirrors the original, all-encompassi­ng design idea of the Bauhaus era. It is the aspect which makes the planning and developing process at SISSIBAY unique: “If the project calls for it, I even create art work and/or paintings for an object – sometimes even in the form of jewelry.” In one case, Cornelia Kollmann even designed a ring for a builder.

It all began with a holiday spent at Sissi/Crete, 35 kilometres east of Heraklion in a village by the sea, overlookin­g the bay. Hence the name which stands for the beauty and creative uniqueness, far from the usual prosaic combinatio­n of name abbreviati­ons which often build the names of architectu­ral firms. Clients value SISSIBAY as a pool for creativity by bold and independen­t minds creating beauty outside the box.

 ??  ?? Private residence, Bardolino, Italia. Photo: © SISSIBAY
Instagram: #sissibayar­chitects
Private residence, Bardolino, Italia. Photo: © SISSIBAY Instagram: #sissibayar­chitects

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