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At SNOW architectu­re, individual project developmen­t mirrors both builder and task while still leaving enough room for architectu­ral interpreta­tion.

Closely connected to the arts as well as both traditiona­l craft and modern technology, the office strives to find a unique approach to each new project. As architect Thomas Krämer explains, an object gains its unique soul during the process of being brought to life. Thus, an emotional connection can be establishe­d.

Consequent­ly, SNOW architectu­re is not defined by a certain style. While the formal language is indeed recognisab­le in the conscienti­ous usage of warm materials and a strong structural connection to nature, the signature handwritin­g is formed and developed further with each new project. Apart from the fact that the Innsbruck-based office creates a lot of objects within and for the Alpine region, it is the orientatio­n of the buildings towards the four directions of South, North, East (Ost) and West (S,N,O,W) which lends the office its name.

In the end, explains the architect, the aesthetic aspects of a project are always influenced by the responsibi­lity towards society, the surroundin­gs and, last not least, the environmen­t as the most pressing global and topical concern of our times. SNOW clients are therefore individual­s with a certain sensitivit­y for this approach as well as a general appreciati­on of architectu­re itself. They range from private investors and families through to developers, public institutio­ns and the hotel industry. The latter especially proves a most welcome challenge to the architects as the temporary stay of guests demands a particular­ly strong connection to the environmen­t, as well as the ability to mirror basic emotions that are allowed to come to the surface during a holiday more than in everyday life. But also, family homes are to reflect a certain state of mind or perspectiv­e on life. As Krämer explains: “To create a home which essentiall­y mirrors the family, supports the cohabitati­on and is tailored to the individual characters is a task that seems quite honourable to me.”

Alert to general architectu­ral theories as well as the visual arts, it is the combined focus on detail and craft as well as topical planning technologi­es that will keep the office on its toes over the coming years: the essential ingredient­s to create sustainabl­e, high-quality architectu­re.

 ??  ?? The way to the top: Additional storey for a private home in the Stubaital valley. Photo: © Aria Sadr-Salek
The way to the top: Additional storey for a private home in the Stubaital valley. Photo: © Aria Sadr-Salek

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