Dorset - - Walk -

of the right bank’s hedge to find the fac­ing foot­path-gate into the hedged track. Down past brick barns, meet the A350 at Comp­ton Ab­bas. Cross right of ‘Old Forge’ to the lanes’ junc­tion. Take the in­stant-right foot­path-signed steps into trees along­side the A350. Through the old school play­ground and down steps, cross to the 1868-1968 gates into St. Mary’s Church. After visit­ing, re­turn through the old school and trees to the lanes’ junc­tion. Walk straight into the fac­ing lane. Past the old chapel, con­tinue down the hedged lane.

Past thatched ‘Horders’ and a right turn­ing, con­tinue up, past ‘Lots Cot­tage’ and

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