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Brian and Michael Yates from the Lo­gan Herd, East Lo­gan, Cas­tle Dou­glas won the South West Scot­land Hol­stein Club’s top award, the Cly­des­dale Bank Tro­phy for over­all pro­duc­tion and in­spec­tion.

With en­tries stretch­ing from Stran­raer to Gretna, the com­pe­ti­tion took place over two days at the be­gin­ning of Septem­ber and was judged by Mr Rob­bie Scott of Nether­val­ley Hol­steins.

Fif­teen ex­hibitors entered mak­ing it the most com­pet­i­tive com­pe­ti­tion for a num­ber of years.


Cly­des­dale BankTro­phy: 1 Bri­anYates, 3349 pts, East Lo­gan; 2 A Har­vey, 3258,The Drum; 3 David McMiken, 3235, Erne­spie; 4 Steven Roan, 3205, Bore­land of Col­vend; 5Wil­lie Flem­ing, 3156, Hill­head; 6 Fraser Ni­chol­son, 3136, Ne­w­house. LargsTro­phy: 1 Steven Roan, 1700, Bore­land of Col­vend; 2 David McMiken, 1670, Erne­spie; 3 Brian Yates, 1620, East Lo­gan; 4Wil­lie Flem­ing, 1600, Hill­head; 5 A Har­vey, 1570,The Drum; 6 Fraser

Ni­chol­son, 1550, Ne­w­house. Robert MillerTro­phy: 1 Bri­anYates, 1729, East Lo­gan; 2 A Har­vey, 1688,The Drum; 3 Hamish Camp­bell, 1659, Auch­lane; 4 Fraser Ni­chol­son, 1586, Ne­w­house; 5 David McMiken, 1565, Erne­spie; 6Wil­lie Flem­ing, 1556, Hill­head. FlobayTro­phy (new en­trant): RobertWal­lace, Craiglea. Greenacres­Tro­phy (low­est so­matic cell count): A Har­vey,The Drum. Har­ri­son and Hether­ing­tonTro­phy (sin­gle home­bred cow): 1 Bri­anYates, Lo­gan Es­tate Jazz; 2 DavidYates, Meik­le­firth Com­man­der Am­brosia; 3 David McMiken, Erne­spie Sonic Bunty; 4 DavidYates, Archie Mair and Billy Camp­bell,Thisillda Ob­server Klassy; 5 Steven Roan, Col­ven Door­man Sage; 6 Fraser Ni­chol­son, Ne­w­house Dorcy June. Robert Cal­lan­derTro­phy (sin­gle home­bred heifer): 1 Wil­lie Flem­ing, Hill­head Gatedancer Crim­son; 2 David Yates, Meik­le­firth Chief Dainty; 3 Steven Road, Col­vend Nova Lou Etta; 4 Bri­anYates, Lo­gan Di­a­mond­back­Tabitha 2; 5 Fraser Ni­chol­son, Ne­w­house Ger­ard Frolic 2; 6 RobertWal­lace, Ben­gairn Cham­berWin­nie. In­chairnTro­phy (70 tonne pro­duc­tion cow): 1 Brian Yates, Lo­gan Gold­chip Fi­nesse; 2 DavidYates, River­dane Snowy Ash­lyn; 3 A Har­vey, Kil­ly­whan

Denethor Bell; 4 Steven Roan, Col­vend Fever Lorraine; 5 David McMiken, Erne­spie Flapper 7; 6Wil­lie Flem­ing, Hill­head Jeeves Model. Scot­farm Sup­pliesTro­phy (prog­eny group): 1 David Yates, Stan­tons Chief; 2 Steven Roan, De­laberge Salt; 3 Hamish Camp­bell, Butz -But­ler At­wood Brady; 4 Fraser Ni­chol­son, Er­rol­ston Ger­ard; 5 Robert Agnew, Silver (Seag­ull­bay); 6 RobertWal­lace, Diepen­hoek Rozzer. John GTay­lorTro­phy (cows fam­ily); 1Wil­lie Flem­ing, Hill­head Rabo Bar­bara and Hill­head Chief Bar­bara; 2 DavidYates, Archie Mair and Billy Camp­bell,Thisillda Ob­server Klassy andThisill­da Arvis Klassy; 3 David Yates, Meik­le­firth Gold­chip Zan­dra ET and Meik­le­firth Gold­chip San­dra ET4; 4 Bri­anYates, Lo­gan Au­to­gold Barb and Lo­gan Camelot Barb; 5 Robert Agnew, Dhu­loch Snow­man Doroma and Dhu­loch Elec­tric Doroma; 6 Steven Roan, Col­vend Rocket Rolls and Col­vend Out­fit­ter Rolls. Crid­dle-BurgessTro­phy (best an­i­mal“bought in”): 1 SheilaYate­s and Caro­line Lawrie, Rock­set In­te­gral Rae Red; 2 Bri­anYates, Hill­head Abbot Erle; 3 Robert Wal­lace, Boast­ful Marie; 4 Fraser Ni­chol­son, Newcroft Fitz Honey; 5 DavidYates and David McMiken, River­dane Snowy Ash­lyn; 6 Hamish Camp­bell, Kepcul­loch At­tic Sum­mer.

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