Dumfries & Galloway Standard : 2021-01-22

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industrial site 25 www.dumfriesan­dgalloways­tandard.co.uk 22.01.2021 ch photo history d he thinks it is important that history is readily available for ee because, over the years, it has st for the region’s economy and to make a major contributi­on to orldwide. lly an 80-acre farm, Drungans over to become a top secret site in the uncertain days before ak of WWII in September, 1939. try of Supply needed a factory cture acids and nitro-cotton ves. s show that more than 40 or production, storage, offices, and canteen were built, along e of roads and 1,900 yards of e, in time for January 1941 when missioned. wartime production, there was ce of 1,350 – more than half of en. ated that more than 1.1 million d was produced during the war, 0 tons of gun cotton delivered y of Supply factories at Powfoot attie to be turned into cordite. h mothballed in 1945, the site a year later to produce sulphuric on the website so that they can