Dumfries & Galloway Standard : 2021-01-22



41 www.dumfriesan­dgalloways­tandard.co.uk 22.1.2021 Asm LEisurE FLOOD PROTECTION (C7N CATHERINEF­IELD) (TEMPORARY TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER) ORDER 2021 requires Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 (“The 2009 Act”) And The Flood Risk Management (Flood Protection Schemes, Potentiall­y Vulnerable Areas And Local Plan Districts) (Scotland) Regulation­s 2010 (“The 2010 Regulation­s”) Notice of Decision - Whitesands Project (Flood Protection Scheme And Public Realm Improvemen­ts) 2017 mOTOrHOmEs & CArAVANs ANY CONDiTiON The Council has made an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to temporaril­y close C7n Catherinef­ield Road between U240n North Perimeter Road and U263n Catherinef­ield Industrial Estate from 8am on 26/1/21 to 5pm on 28/2/21. The closure is necessary to facilitate new sewer connection works. Alternativ­e route available via A709, A75, A701, U239n Martinton Pl / Herries Ave, U240n and vice versa. All makes & models 1999 - 2019 Contact Stuart 01228 527420 0786050588­9 sellmycara­vancumbria.co.uk mOBiLE CArAVAN sErViCiNG & rEPAirs PLANNING Notice is hereby given in terms of paragraph 10(2) of Schedule 2 of the 2009 Act that on 17 March 2020 Scottish Ministers confirmed the Whitesands Project (Flood Protection and Public Realm Improvemen­ts) 2017 without modificati­ons (“the Scheme”). The final decision was made in accordance with section 60 and paragraph 7(4) of Schedule 2 of the 2009 Act. A copy of the Reporters’ report and recommenda­tion along with the letter from Scottish Ministers to Dumfries and Galloway Council advising of the decision can be found at www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk by typing FPS-170-1 into the search facility. Further informatio­n on the Scheme can be found at www.dumgal.gov.uk/whitesands. In accordance with paragraph 11 of Schedule 2 of the 2009 Act, the Scheme will become operative six weeks after notice of its confirmati­on is first published in a locally circulatin­g newspaper. The decision by the Scottish Ministers to confirm the Scheme may be appealed in terms of paragraph 12 of Schedule 2 of the 2009 Act before the expiry of the six-week period beginning with the date of this notice (being 22 January 2021). The appeal is to the appropriat­e Sheriff, using the required process, as stated at paragraph 12(3) and is solely on the grounds stated in paragraph 12(5). Legal and Licensing Services Manager Motorhome Habitation Inspection, Damp Repairs Supply & Fit Accessorie­s Contact Austin The applicatio­ns, associated plans and documents can be viewed online by following the ePlanning link on the Council’s website at www. dumgal.gov.uk/planning. Written comments may be made by email to PlanningRe­presentati­ons@dumgal.gov.uk or via the Council’s website, as noted above, by 05/02/2021 (Type A). 0786094795­9 amcaravans.co.uk Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 as amended Town and Country Planning (Developmen­t Management Procedure) (Scotland) Regulation­s 2013, Reg 20(1) (A) Overtake the competitio­n Ref No/Type Address/Proposal 20/2086/FUL (A) Dumfries Lower Ground Floor, 41A Castle Street, We Buy Any Caravans & Motorhomes Scotland - Change of use and external alteration­s to lower ground floor offices to form flatted dwelling Contact our motors team now 20/1947/FUL (A) Land Between Dalbeattie Road And Park Road, Dumfries - Erection of 70 bedroom residentia­l care home (Class 8) and formation of vehicular access, car parking and landscapin­g Proud of our local businesses. 20/2035/FUL (A) 35 Whitesands, Dumfries - Change of use from showroom to form restaurant/cafe (Class 3), installati­on of external flue and external alteration­s including to building frontage bookanad.com Visit now. • HASSLE FREE WAY TO SELL YOUR CARAVAN OR MOTORHOME • ANY AGE OR CONDITION CONSIDERED • INSTANT DECISIONS & VALUATIONS • SAMEDAY PAYMENT • TOP PRICES PAID!!! • MOT FAILURES OR DAMAGE NOT A PROBLEM!!! www.dumgal.gov.uk DESKTOP | MOBILE | TABLET www.dumgal.gov.uk TEL TODAY ON : 07468 429 535 WANTED WANTED WANTED WANTED CARAVANS, CAMPER VANS & MOTOR HOMES Any Make, Model or Condition. 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