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History made as ‘Phantom’ production set for run in the city

Limelight team awarded exclusive rights to bring iconic show to Dunfermlin­e

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Chloe Goodall

A DUNFERMLIN­E theatre company has made history by securing exclusive performanc­e rights to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘ The Phantom of the Opera’.

Limelight Production­s, an amateur theatre company based in the city, has secured performanc­e rights for the iconic musical, marking them as the first and only adult amateur theatre group in Scotland to achieve this feat.

Bobby Mitchell, Limelight’s company manager, is elated at this achievemen­t.

He said: “Since its debut in 1986, The Phantom of the Opera has held a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide.

“The privilege bestowed upon Limelight Production­s to present this remarkable show on the Dunfermlin­e stage as the first and sole amateur production of ‘ Phantom’ in Scotland this year is truly awe- inspiring.

“This achievemen­t ranks high among our personal milestones since Limelight’s inception in 2005.”

Renowned for their locally acclaimed high- quality production­s, Limelight Production­s is setting its sights on creating an unforgetta­ble rendition of ‘ Phantom’ that will resonate for years to come.

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Kenny Christie, who also directs the Alhambra Pantomime, and Musical Director David Christie, known for his associatio­n with the Scottish Pops Orchestra and Symphonic Ibiza, Limelight Production­s is sparing no effort to breathe life into the timeless tale of ‘ The Phantom of the Opera’ at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermlin­e.

Fiona Mitchell, Limelight’s production manager, continued: “While the Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermlin­e has traditiona­lly been the stage for Limelight’s production­s, our adaptation of ‘ Phantom’ necessitat­ed a shift due to seating limitation­s imposed by licensing regulation­s.

“Hence, we have chosen the intimate setting of the 500- seat Carnegie Hall. This venue, though smaller in scale, is tailor- made for our rendition of ‘ Phantom’.

“Every iconic scene, from the dramatic chandelier descent to the captivatin­g gondola traverse through the smoky maze of the Paris Opera House, will be meticulous­ly recreated.

“The production’s grandeur will be complement­ed by a majestic 21- piece Orchestra and a Phantom- themed foyer that will welcome patrons with its enchanting ambience from the moment they arrive.

“Audiences can anticipate a sensory feast of sights and sounds this October.”

The much- anticipate­d presentati­on of ‘ The Phantom of the Opera’ will take to the Carnegie Hall stage from October 3- 7.

Tickets are available for purchase via the OnFife website or by contacting 01383 602303.

THE Rosyth Community Market will return to the Parkgate Community Centre this weekend.

With a range of stalls, free activities for the children and refreshmen­ts on offer it’s sure to be a great way to spend your Sunday.

There will be a number of small businesses, street food and coffee and free face- painting and kids’ crafts.

To top it all off, GM Reptiles will be paying a visit to the event.

The Rosyth Community Market will run from 10.30am to 2.30 pm on Sunday, August, 27.

Community market returns to Rosyth

 ?? ?? Limelight secured the exclusive performanc­e rights for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic masterpiec­e, with rehearsals going well.
Limelight secured the exclusive performanc­e rights for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic masterpiec­e, with rehearsals going well.
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