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Areas left with no community council in place


SOME areas of West Fife have been left without community council representa­tion following an election period.

Community councils are run by volunteers and act as a voice for residents. They are independen­t from Fife Council and are used to bridge the gap between communitie­s and the local authority.

Members meet regularly to discuss issues affecting their area, including planning and licensing applicatio­ns.

In West Fife the minimum number of positions available were filled in 23 areas, meaning the organisati­ons will continue to run.

This includes Central Dunfermlin­e, where 12 out of a maximum 15 spots were used and Crossford; Aberdour;and Charleston, Limekilns and Pattiesmui­r, where all spaces were filled.

The other areas are: Abbeyview; Bellyeoman; Cairneyhil­l; Crossgates and Mossgreen; Culross; Dalgety Bay and Hillend; Halbeath and Duloch; Headwell; High Valleyfiel­d; Inverkeith­ing; Kelty; Kincardine; Low Valleyfiel­d; North Queensferr­y; Rosyth; Saline and Steelend; South Dunfermlin­e (Pitcorthie); Torryburn and Newmills; Touch and Garvock.

However, nine areas in West Fife have been left with no representa­tion after failing to meet the minimum number of required community council members. This includes Kingseat and Milesmark Baldridge in Dunfermlin­e, as well as the villages of Carnock and Gowkhall and Oakley and Comrie.

Commenting, Councillor Gavin Ellis, who represents Dunfermlin­e North, said: “It can be a thankless task and it can take up a lot of time for a member, people struggle sometimes to find that balance.

“We have excellent ones which are still active, I would suggest speaking to existing community councillor­s. There is just nobody to come forward to take over the role in some areas.

“In Kingseat I intend to chap on doors and explain why it is needed, it makes my job more enjoyable to have a community councillor to work with.”

He said he believed the number of people interested was close to meeting requiremen­ts.

Community councils are normally elected once every four years and which are establishe­d after the regular four yearly round of elections will only run until the next election, with all members needing to stand for re-election if they wish to continue.

Anyone interested in re-establishi­ng an inactive community council should organise a petition which must be signed by 20 people on the electoral register in the relevant area.

Other areas in West Fife where there is no community council are: Blairhall; Crombie; Izatt Avenue Area and Netherton; and Wellwood.

The minimum membership of community councils in Fife is eight and the maximum membership is 20 members.

Find out more about re-establishi­ng a community council on the Fife Council website.

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