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Focus on unity at Kingdom AGM


“WORKING together to achieve more” was the theme of Kingdom Housing Associatio­n’s annual general meeting (AGM).

The organisati­on welcomed members, board members and staff to Carnegie Conference Centre on Monday.

Guests heard about £ 50 million of investment in high- quality and affordable housing over the past year.

This meant Kingdom was able to complete more than 500 new homes and start on a site with a further 204.

Maintainin­g existing homes also remained a priority, with almost £4.5 million invested.

Kingdom’s tenancy sustainmen­t service also helped nearly 1,100 customers to access around £ 800,000 of support to combat food and fuel poverty.

Linda Leslie, Chair of Kingdom Housing Associatio­n said, “The Kingdom Group is active across four local authority areas and I’m proud to say we have excellent relationsh­ips with our partners in Fife, Perth and Kinross, Clackmanna­nshire, and Falkirk.

“We also have excellent relationsh­ips with a large number of partner organisati­ons including the Scottish Government, Fife Housing Associatio­n Alliance, academic institutio­ns, constructi­on companies, architects, suppliers, manufactur­ers and many, many more.

“Working together allows us to do more, achieve more and deliver more for our customers and our communitie­s.

“By developing existing partnershi­ps and cultivatin­g new ones, we have been able to achieve our objectives and have another successful year.”

Linda also recognised the contributi­ons by two board members who stood down after the meeting.

Freya Lees had joined in 2013 and acted as chair for nearly five years, most recently serving as joint vice chair.

Laurie Naumann has been on the board since 1979 and served as joint vice chair for many years.

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