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Fife Greens to welcome members to conference


FIFE Greens are preparing to welcome more than 200 members from across Scotland to the party’s Autumn Conference this weekend.

The conference will take place over October 28 and 29 and will be an intensive weekend of discussion­s on policies and tactics, along with a ceilidh, a live band and a quiz. It will be held in the Carnegie Conference Centre and will be a hybrid conference.

The Scottish Greens hold a conference twice a year – one in the spring and one in the autumn. However, the autumn conference is the big one.

David Hansen, Fife branch of the Scottish Green Party, said: “There are a couple of things that are coming up. The main thing is talking about how to make Scotland a greener place, a greener country – that is the object of the Scottish Green Party.

There are people coming up with notions about how this can be done, they will be debated, and once they are debated, they will become policy or not become policy depending how the vote goes. It’s a very democratic process.”

Some of the issues that will be discussed are the protection of the oceans, what can be done to help deaf children achieve their full potential and the Scottish national budget.

The event is not just a political gathering, however. It is also a social one where people will be encouraged to discuss issues with each other and get to know one another.

David adds: “Within the Fife branch, we are organising a ceilidh on the Saturday night – that is a good way to forget about the politics and have some fun.”

Ryan Blackadder, who will be a Scottish Green candidate in the next Westminste­r election, said: “As a native, I welcome our members to our city. There is much to see and do here and we will be having extensive discussion­s on many issues that affect the government of our country.

“From our peacocks to our ‘Glen’ we can be a prime example of what future cities look like, putting people and planet first. Fife Council should be focused on promoting Dunfermlin­e and encouragin­g visitors to our city centre, our plentiful parks as well as our surroundin­g beaches and woodlands.”

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