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Has anybody seen a cyclist using the Aberdour Road track?


WHO is using the constructe­d section of the Aberdour Road cycle track, as when I pass that way around 1-2pm, I never see a cyclist?

Was there a survey carried out as to how many cyclists do use that route? The cyclists already have a marked of section on the the edge of the roadway.

The only possible way they can make a two-metre cycle route in the area discussed is that they take two metres from the roadway, as the existing footpath, trees and residents’ car access can’t accommodat­e a twometre cycle path. Sorry vehicle users, you are the losers again.

Memories – there used to be a cycle track down the middle of the Queensferr­y Road dual carriagewa­y. That was little used, so it was removed. George Pitblado,

Dunfermlin­e. removed does not quite have the same ring but demonstrat­es a similar lack of empathy for many of those forced into such dire straits by the actions of her government.

In addition, she is reported to be looking to fine charities found to have given tents to rough sleepers.

To rub salt further into the wounds and demonstrat­e to what extent both her and her government have totally lost the plot, according to Ms Braverman many of those taking up residence in tents are doing so apparently as a “lifestyle choice”.

So, as we approach winter, people are apparently deciding that this is the life they want to lead.

People don’t choose to be homeless, in the same way people don’t choose to be poor.

And in a cost-of-living crisis, to look to take away the tents of people, many of whom have been left in such conditions due to Tory policies, demonstrat­es how vile this government truly is.

Alex Orr,

Marchmont Road,


We are pensioners just trying to keep warm and fed.

We are finding it very difficult to keep up with rising prices.

Ruby Hughes,


 ?? ?? George Pitblado says he’s never seen a cyclist make use of the new cycle track on part of Aberdour Road.
George Pitblado says he’s never seen a cyclist make use of the new cycle track on part of Aberdour Road.

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