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Utterly disgracefu­l misuse of police time and resources


‘HONESTY and integrity. We act with honesty and integrity and do not compromise or abuse our position.’

That’s what it says on the Police Scotland website under the heading ‘Our Standards of Profession­al Behaviour’.

Jo Farrell, chief constable of Police Scotland, must be very proud of her achievemen­t in the misuse of police resources for her private use. How many other times have such incidents happened?

Has she forgotten that she is in her position to serve the people of Scotland and not be served by the people of Scotland.

I was of the understand­ing that she was in office to clean up Police Scotland and make sure the force was above reproach?

What a great start! With a salary of £248,724 and an expense allowance, she should make her own arrangemen­ts at her own cost when circumstan­ces change.

The honourable thing to happen now is for her to reimburse the police for the cost of the constable’s time, fuel and all other costs relating to this trip, and also issue a public apology and assurance this will not happen again.

It’s utterly disgracefu­l.

She should also make time to read the Police Scotland quote at the start of my letter.

R. Evans,

Address supplied.

Press regarding the Aberdour cycle path.

It’s good when you find out that people are reading your opinions.

It does seem, however, he is not a regular reader, or he would have seen a number of letters and articles in recent months where the people who are going to affected have been complainin­g about the proposed second phase.

Both he and I regard active outdoor recreation as a bonus in today’s hustle bustle world we live in.

But he seems to have missed a couple point I was making. Maybe I was being too subtle.

The point I was making with the statement “the cyclist was wearing full lycra gear” was the man was obviously an experience­d and dedicated cyclist, not out for a wee run, and should have known better than to cycle on the road keeping the traffic back, when a £750,000 cycle path had been built for his sport.

As for my remarks regarding cyclists not having to pay or take tests to travel

on our roads, I would have thought my point was obvious.

Motorists have to sit an exam and take lessons to be able to drive on our roads, and then have to pay an extreme amount of money on insurance.

Meanwhile our roads are among the worst in Europe, a disgrace, but we seem to have plenty of money to spend on a path that is rarely used by cyclists as I pointed out.

W. Prescott,


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