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Bees of­ten feed on in­signif­i­cant weeds, which is why bee­keep­ers de­cry the mono­cul­tures of mod­ern farm­ing. Bees in cities of­ten pro­duce more honey than those in vil­lages, be­cause they have thou­sands of flower-filled gar­dens to for­age in rather than scrupu­lously weed-free fields. Or­di­nary house­holds can help the be­lea­guered bee pop­u­la­tion by plant­ing helle­bores, cro­cus, snow­drops, vibur­num and hazel in early spring, fruit trees and bushes, then phacelia, laven­der, sage, oregano, bor­age, mint and thyme in sum­mer, and from Au­gust re­sist­ing the temp­ta­tion to root out ivy, which bees love, and grow­ing Michael­mas daisies, asters and gold­en­rod.

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