Tai­lored Home In­sur­ance

Many home own­ers or ten­ants pur­chase their in­sur­ance with a click of a but­ton, how­ever does that work for peo­ple who need more spe­cialised in­sur­ance?

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The click and buy poli­cies are very good for what you would class as the ‘nor­mal stan­dard home in­sur­ance’. This is where the cover is pro­vided on the ba­sis that you only re­quire the same, or very sim­i­lar, cover as every­one else in the same road. For ex­am­ple, £40,000 con­tents in­sur­ance and £250,000 build­ings in­sur­ance on a 3 bed­room de­tached house.

Tai­lored Home In­sur­ance is a spe­cial­ist prod­uct and of­ten re­quires a client visit to en­sure that the cor­rect in­sur­ance is put into place. Un­der­stand­ing a client’s pri­or­i­ties and life­style is very im­por­tant. The best way this can be done is by go­ing to see the client and build­ing a re­la­tion­ship with hon­esty, in­tegrity and most im­por­tantly, trust.

A pro­fes­sional in­sur­ance bro­ker who deals with Tai­lored Home In­sur­ance needs to know the mar­ket. Mar­ket knowl­edge al­lows them to as­sess the risks and ad­vise the client which is the best in­surer to meet their re­quire­ments. Some in­sur­ers will not ac­cept a prop­erty if it is thatched or listed, but oth­ers do. Con­sid­er­a­tion of lo­ca­tion is also of the ut­most im­por­tance with re­gards to flood­ing, sub­si­dence and other fac­tors that will af­fect the premium, pol­icy ex­cess or cover.

The bro­ker would also go through the whole prop­erty with the client work­ing from room to room as they have an in­de­pen­dent point of view. What a client sees ev­ery day can of­ten be missed, such as a valu­able work of art or an­tique fur­ni­ture. Also, cloth­ing needs to be taken into ac­count. Many peo­ple for­get about the con­tents of their dress­ing room or wardrobe. Check yours as you might be sur­prised at the value of all the items. It’s also im­por­tant that you don’t for­get to check the loft.

So if you are a pres­tige home owner what should you do? The an­swer is sim­ple: speak to your in­sur­ance bro­ker. Ask them to come and see you if they don’t al­ready or find a bro­ker that spe­cialises in this type of in­sur­ance. These bro­kers at­tract em­ploy­ees that want to fo­cus on this mar­ket and there­fore have the rel­e­vant ex­pe­ri­ence.

In­sur­ance Bro­kers have changed over the last decade. The day when one per­son would deal with all your in­sur­ance needs has gone. In­sur­ance bro­kers have had to adapt due to on­line com­pe­ti­tion. One Bro­ker are an in­de­pen­dent in­sur­ance bro­ker who of­fer spe­cial­ist tai­lored home in­sur­ance for when it is too com­pli­cated to be dealt with by the click of a but­ton.

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