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Hid­den in the grid is the name of a pop group. An­swer the ques­tions, then rear­range the let­ters cor­re­spond­ing to your an­swers to fill in the name.

BOX1: In which novel do the Thought Po­lice ap­pear? Nine­teen

Eighty-Four (E) An­i­mal Farm (A) A Clock­work

Or­ange (U) BOX2: How many colours are there in the rain­bow?

Six (W)

Seven (S)

Eight (K)

BOX3: Where in the UK is Spode pot­tery made? Eng­land (C) Scot­land (H) Wales (T)

BOX4: Which band re­leased the al­bum The Joshua Tree in 1987?

Guns N’ Roses (P) Me­tal­lica (Y)

U2 (L)

BOX5: What colour, tra­di­tion­ally, are New York taxis? Yel­low (I)

Black (U)

Red (F)

BOX6: In hu­mans, mi­cro­cephaly is hav­ing an ab­nor­mally small what?

Heart (V)

Head (R)

Hip bone (B)


An Olympiad is a pe­riod of how many suc­ces­sive years? Four (P)

Five (J)

Six (H)


The French town of Bordeaux stands on which river? Loire (X)

Rhine (L)

Garonne (I) BOX9: Gemma Chan (pic­tured) starred in which sci-fi TV se­ries? Hu­mans (S) Stranger

Things (B)

Black Mir­ror (T)

BOX10: What do the ini­tials stand for in the au­thor’s name

J K Rowl­ing?

Jodie Kather­ine (K) Joanne Kath­leen (G) Jemma Kate (S)

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