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Eight-year sentence for rapist


A former security guard who raped three women has been jailed for eight years.

Dane O’Neill preyed on his victims including taking advantage of one while she was asleep in a hotel room.

The 22 year-old was also controllin­g and physically violent.

Jurors heard how a victim was told to cover with make-up the horrible bruises he had inflicted.

O’Neill was last week sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow.

He was earlier convicted of a total of 11 charges including seven counts of rape.

The crimes were committed between 2017 and 2021 mainly at different addresses in East Kilbride.

Lord Clark remarked O’Neill had tried to“blame”the victims for the more serious crimes.

The judge stated:“As has been made clear, you have not accepted that you committed any of the sexual offences.”

He added due to the“repeated nature”of what happened and O’Neill’s“lack of remorse”he presented a“high risk”of similar behaviour.

O’Neill will then be supervised for a further two years on his release.

Lord Clark imposed indefinite non-harassment orders banning him from approachin­g or contacting the women for an indefinite period.

O’Neill gave evidence during the trial and was quizzed by his lawyer Frances Connor.

She asked about the night he spent with one victim at a Glasgow hotel in September 2020.

O’Neill said they returned there after dinner and drinks.

Prosecutor­s stated it was there he preyed on the woman while she was sleeping and, after she awoke, slapped his hand over her mouth and continued to force himself on her.

Miss Connor asked O’Neill:“Was there any sexual contact in the hotel room?”

He replied:“No.”

The defence advocate:“How did she seem in the morning?” O’Neill:“Tired, but upbeat.”

O’Neill had previously assaulted this woman, accused her of cheating and used her bank card without her knowing. He also kept tabs on her social media.

The other two victims were also raped as well as being abused both physically and verbally.

A charge stated O’Neill did “instruct”one of them to“apply make-up to her body to conceal bruising”caused by him.

Miss Connor told the sentencing hearing:“He has a family ready and waiting to support him.”

 ?? ?? Guilty The High Court in Glasgow
Guilty The High Court in Glasgow

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